Как перевезти груз?  

     EuroTrans -  forwarding agency

     If you need to deliver cargo from abroad (to carry out international freight traffic) - Transport Company "EuroTrans" will make this at high professional level. Basic motto of our work: rapidly, reliably, qualitatively - international transport without problems.

     Individual approach to each client, the development of optimum routes, qualitative accompanying documentation on each international freight traffic, realization of complete service for the international transportation Уto the door of clientФ - this we are ready to guarantee to any customer. Does it seem for you that the time of stability in the international transportation has not come yet? YouТre looking for yourselves the guaranteed service on the freight traffic? You draw the reasonable price balance of the transport, the speed of custom clearance and quality? It means that we precisely wait for you and our encounter is already decided forehand.

     Transport Company УEuroTransФ- is the experienced supplier of transport-dispatch services. International transportation, custom clearance - with this matter we deal already many years. We propose the professional service of high quality in the region of freight traffic and expediting to our clients. The basic direction of our activity is auto transportation inside Europe, Russia and CIS, container transportation, international freight traffic of assorted lading. Besides, we allow the services of air transportation, and also the associated logistic maintenance.

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