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     Our services in container carriage:

  • Supplying empty container for loading;

  • Supplying container for cargo loading to storehouse by the day of request;

  • Shipping dangerous cargo (vanish, paint, solvent, thinner, reagent);

  • Legalization cargo, subjected to veterinary and quarantine examination;

  • Mounting mixed railway-sea communication;

  • Shipping of house accompanied luggage;

  • Cargo custom clearance in containers, transit payment;

  • Reception and shipping universal containers in costumer’s storehouse in St.Petersburg;

  • Cargo tracing;

  • Cargo insurance;

  • Placing winterized containers;

  • Shipping costumer’s own containers.

     Sub-contract services:

  • Selection of optimum route;

  • Selection of rolling stock;

  • Placing scheme development of cargo on rolling stock;

  • Indication of carriage value.     

     Besides the services, connected directly with the basic activity, the company has the capabilities, by arrangement with the client, to operate the specialized transport: cranes, loaders, conveyors.

     The presence of constant relationship with prominent railroad operators and truck carriers and successful collaboration with them, substantially increases quality and shortened the periods of carriage. With the cargo carriage by railroad, expeditors of company have the possibilities to accomplish the tracing of rolling stock. By your demand we will report you the value of railroad cargo carriage to any place of Russia, CIS and foreign countries.


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