Как перевезти груз?  



     "EuroTrans" has a wide extensive possibility in cargo carriage by international truck transport. Basic motto of our work: rapidly, reliably, qualitatively - international transport without problems.

     Thanks to the contemporary technically equipped fleet, regulated system of work, long-term contracts with the carriers, we can provide with services in the international delivery of cargo for our clients. We can grant the different types of trucks for loading in the necessary quantity within the reasonable period. 

      Transport enterprises - partners

     We collaborate with the transport enterprises of Russia, Byelorussia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Italy and other countries. Each carrier - partner of "EuroTrans" has a policy of carrier liability insurance (CMR - insurance).

     Basic directions of the international carriage:

Cargo carriage in East and Western Europe: Germany, the country of Benelux, Italy, France, Spain, Austria, England, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria, Turkey.

      Carriage throughout Baltic States and Scandinavia:

Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland and Sweden, to these directions we have the capability to transport any type of cargo: dangerous, expensive, oversized, required for special temperature conditions. For the carriage realization can be used the awning or all-metal trucks, with a cargo volume of 25 to 120 m3. The managers of «EuroTrans» regularly track the motion of every truck; therefore information about the location of cargo and the period of delivery can be given at any time.

      Additional services:

     If necessary, we organize for you the transshipment, warehousing, packing, the labeling and the custom clearance of cargo on the warehouse terminals in Europe. To obtain information about the cost of carriage of interesting route, and also about the periods of cargo delivery in the international communication, contact "EuroTrans", +7 (495) 648-1709, or send your request to e-mail. International carriage is basic speciality of LLC "EuroTrans". Basic motto of our work: rapidly, reliably, qualitatively - international transport without problems.


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