Как перевезти груз?  



    "EuroTrans" is ready to grant transport services in oversized and heavy cargo carriage in Russia, CIS and Europe and freight traffic of outsized cargo.

     The international transportation of heavy cargo.

     The combination of unique experience in oversized cargo carriage and special technician, also in freight traffic of heavy cargo, in Russia and Europe and the old relationships with transport companies in CIS and Europe makes possible for us to satisfy any wishes and propose to you advantageous conditions and proposals of freight traffic.

     Additionally, we propose services in cargo insurance and armed escort, and also the formulation of special passes and organization of tracking load the State Inspectorate for Road Traffic Safety. We also deal with questions of cargo custom clearance.

      LLC “EuroTrans” is:

  • Special equipment for outsized and heavy cargo (low lift loaders, step-by-step trailers, modular trailers, etc);

  • Large experience in project cargo carriage

  • Individual approach to every client;

  • The cargo delivery from door to next door, including the solution of all possible additional problems, which appear with the transport;

  • Wide geography of cargo carriage (Russia, Europe, the CIS)

      We guarantee:

  • Rate assignment for the oversized and heavy cargo carriage in within 2 hours;

  • Obtaining all necessary permissions;

  • Convoy ordering;

  • Covering car ordering (with warning flasher).

    The carriage of outsized and heavy cargo is achieved both from abroad and in Russia.

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