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     The international carriage of assorted lading is one of the priority directions of our activity. Directions of the transportation of assorted lading:    

     The basic directions assorted lading carriage are East and Western Europe, Scandinavia, (Sweden, Finland), Baltic States, Asia (China, Hong Kong, Korea). Because of the presence of wide partner network the consolidation of assorted lading occurs in storehouses of Europe, Baltic States, Finland. We have the possibility to grant qualitative service and minimum periods of assorted lading carriage.

     Consolidation storehouses in Europe:

  • Germany (Hamburg, Berlin)

  • Italy (Milan)

  • Finland (Kotka, Helsinki)

  • Baltic States (Riga, Vilnius)     

     Diagrams of carriage realization of assorted lading:

  • Shipper delivers the cargo to the nearest consolidation storehouse;

  • We take the cargo on the storehouse of shipper.

        Further, the truck, completely loaded by cargo leaves Russia. 

        Centralized cargo consolidation, makes possible to improve control over cargo, to minimize the periods of the delivery. The sending of trucks, completely loaded by cargo, occur not less than once a week.

        Delivery of assorted lading to southeastern Asia and North America. 

        We allow services in delivery of small parties of cargo from Korea, China, and USA.

        The delivery of containers is achieved through Saint Petersburg ports, Kotka, Tallinn, and also through the European ports: Antwerp, Hamburg, Rotterdam (depending on type of carriage and optimum route).

          Our service on the transportation of composite loads is included:

  • Formulation of transport documents (CMR, Carnet-TIR and of others)

  • Complete enumeration of warehouse services (unloading, loading, assembly, storage)

  • Urgent deliveries of composite loads from Europe

  • Delivery of the dangerous loads

  • Tracing (tracking) of loads in the way

  • Insurance of the loads

  • Delivery to the terminal in Moscow or on any other on your desire

     The division of composite loads will glad obtain from you demand to the transportation, and also consult on the current prices of company "EuroTrans" of the transportation of composite loads in the international communication along telephone (495) 648-1709.

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