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        LLC "EuroTrans" craves to allow a maximally completed service with the realization of international carriage, in connection with this our company actively develops the direction of works on the competent conducting the custom clearance.

          LLC "EuroTrans" actively cooperates with many customs terminals in Moscow, Moscow area, and in St.Petersburg.

     The customs brokers of LLC УEurotransФ constantly increase professional qualification, which makes it possible to work in accordance with last changes in the legislation, but also maximally consider the interests of clients. Our specialists will help you to calculate the cost of custom clearance, the cost of broker services, payments, to select the correct HC codes, to look for certification is needed in accordance with the last requirements of SCC.

     Completed complex of services in custom clearance. Our company achieves a completed complex of transport and customs services Уfrom door to doorФ. Company allows the following service both in the complex with the cargo carriage and as the independent services:

  • Custom clearance of imported cargo;

  • Custom clearance of exported cargo;

  • Customs clearance of customerТs cars;

  • Reexport legalization;

  • Carriage in УBounded transitФ;

  • Formulation of temporary export/import;

  • Legalization of declarations and other documents;

  • Calculation of customs payments, the selection of HC codes;

  • Obtaining the certificates (correspondence, veterinary and the rest);

  • Organization of conducting examination in the Main Custom Laboratory (MCL);

  • Client registration in the custom-house as a FEA participant;

  • Correctness and authenticity checking in the end of delivery and customs clearance (TIR-carnet, GCD) within 2 hours;

  • Obtaining the classification solutions of SCC, regional custom-houses

  • Obtaining agreements for all normative reports of the custom organs;

  • Obtaining reallocations in other custom-houses;

  • Legal advice on custom questions, rendering aid in the complex questions, connected with different lawful disturbances.

      The experienced specialists of our company will help you to solve custom questions, taking into account his specific features, relying on the knowledge of the current legislation RF and the lawful base of State Customs Committee.


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